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FILES for you... If you have any old files please delete them as they are not fit to live.


Flyer:   8.5 X 11 PSD

Flyer:   8.5 X 11 Gigantic JPEG

Flyer:   8.5 X 11 Resized for web JPEG

Flyer:   11 X 17 PSD

Flyer:   11 X 17 Enormous JPEG

Flyer:   11 X 17 Resized for web JPEG

4x6 Card and 11x8.5 Presskit up for revision:
   -- 4x6 Card - Change to "Spreading The Word?"
   -- 11x8.5 Presskit - 2 versions, Both with Marks cell as contact. Does this need to be changed?

And made a simple logo. Freebie. Got bored.

White Background

Black Background

Transparent Background


Animated Banner (large file)

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Transparent (on color)

Transparent (on White)

And a Banner -


4x6 Card - Was this to be changed to "Spreading the Word"?

Presskit 1

Presskit 2

8.5 X 11 Flyer

11 X 17 Flyer